Marketing And Closing Skills For Women Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I have had the chance to meet many wonderful women. Women who are talented, determined and believed in conceiving new things. On the other hand, those are the women who exist for everyone but not for themselves.

But why?

Why are women with such capacity so unsatisfied with their lives; why have they disregarded themselves so much?

According to my opinion, they were made to believe one thing:

If you are a woman, you have to live for the others.

As a woman, we were taught that we should live for others, make them happy and in this way, we shall live happily ever after. Because we were convinced that this was the only thing we could accomplish. Therefore, every woman who is single and/or with no children is considered an unsuccessful individual. For everything else in life, power, will and reason are necessary. Although women are created with these features, we were treated as if we don’t have any of them. Moreover, some strong features dedicated mostly to women; such as deep compassion and insight were presented as deficiencies.

Women who were not sent to school in old times, later sent to university only for a status. They were allowed to study under one condition: to get married and have children as soon as they graduate. Getting married and having children are the most special feelings in the world. However, it is not what makes a woman precious. A human being is in general worthwhile as s/he is the unique creature.

My most important observation is, regardless of what they have in their lives, women begin to question their existence deeply after a certain point either at 25 or 60 years old. These questionings, in a way, lead an effort to transform them into production; some women decide to have children, some join voluntary work, some have a pet, some set up a new business or some go to university.

Now I would like to address a question:

By the time you are 70, you will end up with yourself even if you own everything that are imposed on you and that you need. Anything that you have in your life will be with you for a limited time period; it will take your time and then go. What will you do then?


If things happen unexpectedly in your life; such as,

If your partner goes bankrupt,

If you have to leave your beloved home, homeland and country,

If you cannot find an eligible person to get married,

If you lose your loved ones,

If you never have children…

It is terrifying even to think about all this.

However, you also know that life has a dark side. How would you live without knowing yourself and without being able to stand on your feet?

Why would you wait when there is still time to get to know yourself and plan your future?
According to some researches, more and more women learn to live up to themselves and set up new businesses. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?
Do you think it is impossible? What about these…?


I am a woman who has had the courage to set up her own business in an area that she is not experienced after the age of 35. As I move forward with determination, inspiring both myself and all women is the only thing that keeps me on track. I will always continue to be a window for every single woman who wants to succeed in life.

If you are a woman who wants to set up your business or move your business forward in order to bring yourself into existence,

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