Know Your Customer, Expand Your Business

If you, too, say:

  • I believe in the value of my business and want to reflect this value
  • I believe that improving my sales skills will make my business grow
  • I want to increase my customer satisfaction
  • I would like to realise prospects and tell my business exclusively
  • I don’t know how to explain my business to the people whom I first meet

Then,this programme might be for you.

As an entrepreneur who founded her own business, I went through a painful trial and error process at the beginning of my career. Despite the fact that I was aware of the information of this programme, I did not grasp their importance fully. Hence I wasted my time and my energy unnecessarily. These methods, which I later realised and started to practice during one of my sessions, enabled me to reach hundreds of women who really needed coaching in business.

I have gathered this important information and the experiences in one neat study for those who want to expand their business. Many entrepreneurs think that they communicate well because they can talk to people comfortably.

If you speak English, and the person you are speaking to is a French speaker, how possible is it to present your profession. Perhaps you can communicate with sign language and with drawings to some extent, but would it be enough to reveal the value of your business?

However, no matter how well we explain our business, the result is directly related to the comprehension of the person that we are talking to. Therefore, it is important to speak to someone in a language one understands.

We all have our own communication language that we have created with our past experiences. To be able to solve this language which is unique in each person means to present our business to each client exclusively.

Thus, a client who finds the reflection of the presented business in his own world, can make the purchase decision more easily and more quickly.

So what’s in this programme?

At the end of this 3-hour programme, you will be able to consolidate what you have learned with practice while acquiring the meticulously collected information. After 1 week, you can practise during the 2 hours control session and this will keep you on track and make your new skills permanent.

There are 3 options in front of you:

Either you leave your client relations to chance,

Or you spend time and energy and go through a long trial and error path with long academic articles full of terminology.

Or within 3 hours, you learn the necessary information and tried-out experiences, you can immediately start applying them, just like taking pills.

This programme also has a BONUS. You can easily use these information and practices you have learned in all kinds of relationships lifelong. Thus you can obtain the comfort and happiness of being the one who understands and who is understood.

Success Stories
Would you like to hear the success stories of the participants in the program?

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Katie Higham

Katie Higham

High Ticket Closer

Know Your Customer, Grow Your Business” is a very valuable program. I know very well that (more…)

Canan Penez SERTDERE

Canan Penez SERTDERE

Owner of Canan’s Kitchen

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4 hours + 2 hours

Having clear business idea and being ready to invest it.

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