High Performance Coaching

If you are a coach and say;

  • I received coaching training but I do not find my coaching sufficient,
  • I want to be confident in my coaching skills,
  • When I am coaching, I feel a blockage about being in the moment, asking right questions in the right place and listening effectively,
  • I do coaching but cannot get effective results,
  • I would like to offer more qualified coaching services to people,

This programme is for you.

The quality of your coaching is the most important factor that increases the satisfaction and recommendation of those who get the coaching. The High-Performance Coaching programme is a mentoring programme that supports the coaches to provide high quality coaching session.

As a Professional Coach, I realized the importance of mentoring when I was taking my coaching trainings. With this awareness, I quickly stepped into the coaching profession more confidently and comfortably.

In the following years, when I realised that it was a long and arduous way for me to get training and reading on the subjects that I felt blockage, I decided to get further mentoring. It helped me to get to the point I wanted to be in a short time. This increased the satisfaction of the clients as well.

As a PCC who has been accredited by ICF and had more than thousand sessions, I designed this program which gives me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences.

With this programme,

  • You will get to know yourself in your COACH identity, therefore you will embark on your journey by knowing your coaching strengths
  • You will feel confident in coaching by strengthening your coaching style with effective methods.
  • You will become a master in asking the right questions, staying in the moment and using the effective methods.

In order to improve your coaching, how fast can you get your results by running from one training to another, by reading books for months and summarizing them without knowing your inadequacy ?

If you want to see your coaching through the eyes of an experienced coach, realize what you do not know and take action to improve them so that you feel more confident and more comfortable when you are coaching, you may want to join this programme.

  If you want to offer better quality coaching,


6 weeks. 4 weeks mentoring 2 weeks coaching

You must have completed a coaching program

You can book a preliminary interview so you have a chance to ask all your questions.

Full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied after you finished the whole program.