About me

Hello, I'm Esra Doyuk.

A good education, a happy marriage, 2 wonderful children, a wide circle of friends, invitations, travels… A life that seems perfect from the outside, but inside something is missing…


The voice inside me that always says I could do more… Although I could not spare time for that voice in daily rushes and bustle, I could not remain indifferent to that screaming after a while. So, I decided to act for more.

My first step was to fill the gap between myself and the person I wanted to be. During this process, I took my coaching trainings and I made coaching my profession.

Getting to know coaching has changed my life completely.
Especially, while I was benefitting from coaching myself, the answers I found to the questions made me feel free, confident and sure of myself, but they also helped me draw a clear road map for my job and stay strong against hardships.
I have prepared the Future Design Program for women who want to experience similar values, first design their business mentally and then take confident steps.

So, what was missing?
Knowing the job is one thing, but presenting it is another thing…
It is important to be good at your job, but it is never enough!

I had 1273 hours of coaching experience with 386 women.
This whole process supported me to get the title of PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and to get a good place in my field.
However, I was not even aware of what it was necessary to know as I had never done my own business before.
I was always trying to be good at coaching, believing in the saying “If you are good at your job, they will find you”.

I learned that If I want to succeed in my job; it is necessary to know positioning, marketing and closing, but none of them works without knowing how to build the proper mindset in advance.
To achieve this, I realised that while reading is a very long way, having a mentor is a short and effective way. I don't want you to take so long to get what you want.
Thus, I present the 'Start-up for Entrepreneurs' program as a mentoring program to women who want to start their own business and learn ‘how’ to do this.
Taking all my strengths and chances with me, turning a deaf ear to those who always criticise and say you cannot, I had walked on a road which was long, full of trial-and-error but also full of determination and faith in every single step.
Afterwards, we, as a family, moved to London to realize our dream to live abroad. This gave me the opportunity to do my job online both in Turkish and English with women from all over the world.
We cannot control the future, but we can make ourselves and our business flexible and durable for any situation.

You can do it.
I want you to know that you can. Just know where you need to start for sure…

If you've read so far, Here are a few points you would want to know about me.


I graduated from the department of Political Science and Public Administration at Bilkent University.

I improved and enriched myself with various trainings.

Some of the training I’ve had:

Further Approaches to Generative Leadership-Oxford University/2018
The Science and the Art of Mindfulness- Cambridge University/2018
Accredited Certified Training Program Module 5- Erickson Coaching İnternational/ 2017
Access the Bars Practitioner/2017
Creating Transformational Metaphors- Erickson Coaching international/2016
NLP Practitioner- NLP Academy Turkey/2015
Optimum Balance Model- Behaviour Technology Institute / 2014
Psychological Disorders Training – Psychologists and Psychiatrists Association / 2014
Fundamental Psychological Knowledge and Boundaries for Coaches – BAUSEM / 2014
Personal Branding and Image – ODEA / 2014
High Performance Team Coaching – Erickson Coaching International / 2014
NLP Practitioner – Erickson Coaching International / 2013
The Art of Science of Coaching Programme Module 1-2-3-4 – Erickson Coaching International / 2013
Parenting School – Sevinc Eraslan / 2010
Speed Reading – Adil Mavis Development Institute / 2002
Anne-Baba Okulu – Sevinç Eraslan / 2010
Hızlı Okuma – Adil Maviş Gelişim Akademisi / 2002

I only started to travel the world after the age of 32. Although it is interesting that as someone with a deep interest in differences, I was this late, this gave me more comfortable conditions to travel, so it can be tolerated.

Although I have seen 51 countries yet, I had the chance to see that diversity, abundance and opportunities are endless in the world, and this is really promising. There is a life for everybody, resources are not limited, vice versa, and wherever you go human is human.

The organic lifestyle came into my life in 2002 while searching for ways to be healthier. At that time, we were living in Turkey, and it was quite difficult and expensive to find and use organic products. However, their positive effects on the life quality, health and mindset of both myself and my family kept me determined in this regard. To the ones saying organic products are expensive, I say they are more affordable than a doctor’s fee.

As we settled in London, we fell into an organic paradise. Now we are happy with our easily accessible products and cafes just as we want.

Sometimes it may be hard to live like this in social life, but definitely not as hard as in Turkey, we live an organic life in our house.

We know that women are at a disadvantage all over the world. While some countries may seem different, basically, they all try to make women appear weak and inconsistent.

Those who physically define power may seem right, however, I believe that women can reflect their power by finding their inner knowledge and using it as a leverage to success, not by turning into a man. Thus, I have been a Board Member in Business Associations for Women for years to be a woman in the business world.

And now I especially take time to take part in Global Women's Studies.