I Want To Be An Entrepreneur But I Have No Idea, What Can I Do?

I Want To Be An Entrepreneur But I Have No Idea, What Can I Do?

I get this question so much.

Having a clear and good business idea is the first step to becoming an entrepreneur.

So what can you do to have a strong idea?

Research the trends of the time.

Problems and needs in trends clearly show people’s problems, which allows you to find potential solutions.
For this, for example, you can use the data from Google Trends for free. You can observe. Or you can start from your own problems.

  • Think About Problems

Most people who want to be entrepreneurs try to invent something new.
Inventing something new for the world is not an easy task. However, it will be easier to discover deficiencies in various aspects or to differentiate a product/service according to needs and will bring great success. For this, it is very important to do the right research.

  • Review what you love.

What businesses make you feel happy while doing it? There are so many people who have never thought about the answer to this question. A business should have main criteria for you. Those who say they will do whatever they find, do not find real happiness.

  • Provide powerful feedback.

Ask those whose opinion you valueable for you, but don’t buy everything they told. Think deeply. I didn’t say ‘think a lot’, thinking too much kills the job as much as thinking too little. Think deeply ❗️

Talking to customers in the right target audience and evaluating their different perspectives will have a positive impact on your business. I take any kind of research very seriously. For me, 80% of everything is research.

However, please don’t think that what you see in your surrounding is a real need. Your frineds, relatives etc. will not buy from you (at least in the first place). You need to look at this side from a broad perspective.

I hope it helps you to have an idea a little bit.