7 Advantages You Gain by Accepting Change

7 Advantages You Gain by Accepting Change

Change is always happening. There used to be dinosaurs, and now there aren’t. Television used to be in black and white. The internet came along. Your great-great-grandparents were once alive, and now they’re not. You’ve grown taller and older since your childhood.

There have been a lot of changes, and there are only more coming! Who knows what the changes will be, but they will be here soon enough. Most importantly, they’re going to happen with or without your consent.

You can fight against these changes, or you can embrace them and figure out a way to make the most of them.

Consider these advantages of change:

  1. More time. Making the most of the change happening in your life will also lead to making the most of your time. If you use your time effectively, you’re likely to end up with more free time, too. So, why waste time resisting change?
  2. Less misery. Fighting the inevitable is an exercise in futility. There are some things that can’t be stopped. You can’t stop the tide from coming in or going back out. There are plenty of changes in your life that you simply can’t do anything about.
    • Fighting change is ultimately a losing battle. Fighting a losing battle results in misery, while going with the flow produces less stress and gives you a chance to make something good come out of it.
  3. Greater progress. When you accept the change in your life and make the most of it, there’s the possibility that you can elevate your life to another level. You’ll certainly make more progress by accepting change than by attempting to fight it. Change provides new opportunities and choices.
  4. Resilience. The most successful species on the planet are those that are most adaptable to change. The most successful people are also better at managing change than others. When you can accept change, you are much more resilient to stress.
  5. More control. Fighting change only demonstrates your lack of control over your life. By accepting change, you can adapt and make good use of the change. You prove to yourself that you have control over your life, regardless of what happens.
    • Change provides the opportunity to see just how much control you can exercise. You can always steer your own ship regardless of the direction of the wind.
  6. More opportunities. Change paralyzes some people. These people miss out on many of the opportunities that life has to offer. Accepting change allows you to get busy living your life again. There are always opportunities available to those who are paying attention and ready to take action.
  7. Confidence. When you are resilient and can manage change, you develop confidence. This confidence allows you to believe that you can handle anything life has to offer.

The only things that are inevitable are death and change. Once you’re dead, you can stop worrying about change. Until then, it will benefit you to accept change and take full advantage of it.

Those who resist change ultimately suffer greatly. Don’t be someone who suffers. Be someone who embraces change and all the benefits that change can provide.